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January 16, 2008


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Hey there - pretty amazing - all of this. I'm so glad that things are looking so good. Biking to work? That's awesome! I wish I could do that!

Ok, so my contribution here is....tea! Tazo Awake Tea. Starbucks brand of choice but you can get it at most higher end grocery stores. Yummy english breakfast style black tea. I put half and half in it and enough Splenda to make it nice and sweet. Just like the english do. It's delectable.




Psyched you'll be joining us for RSVP. Should be super fun.


Wonderful to know that the mutation has not only imbued you with super-powers (soooo looking forward to checking those out) but super-sense. Great revelations, my friend. Through adversity all becomes clear. See you soon!

rick chinn

I've had kidney stones. The one thing my urologist and my GP told me is to drink water; lots of it; more than I can really handle in reality. As an older adult, you spend a lot of time peeing anyway, and if you drink as much water as they recommend, you'll be allatimepeein. I call it, "The European Diet." (say it fast and don't enunciate well and you'll get it) It's at least on a par with drinking beer (you don't buy it, it's a rent and recycle deal).

But seriously, I find I enjoy just plain water better than most other beverages, and I've made a point to drink water with my meals. ALL other beverages have something in them, and your kidney(s) have to work at filtering that stuff out. Water, OTOH, the universal solvent, just flushes things out and keeps them clear.

--rick chinn

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