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January 17, 2008


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Katie Dubois

Dude, you just kicked cancer's ass! What are you going to do?
Response: "I'm going to buy a MacBook Air"!!
I think you've earned it!


Heheeeee! Macbook Air is a wonderful post-op solution. Be careful on heavy bags to carry it with though. Better stick with an envelope :-)

Jon Frey

Chris, hopefully you get this as I am a fledgling blogger. We have been reading with great interest and pulling for you. So happy you have made it through and are back home getting back to normal life (with, of course, healthier habits, etc.).

See you soon.


HEY! READ CLOSER! He said he's NOT going to get a Macbook Air!!!

Sheesh, stop encouraging him, you guys!

bruce evans

hey, bionic one. - hook some of those staples into an itouch and boogie. The new software is really cool.

Uncle Toby

Hello Chris,

You obviously have faced this issue with great courage, though it happened so fast maybe you didn't have time to get too uptight. I prefer to think you just have guts ( no pun intended ). I jwould want you in my trench if we were in a war together.

So, no skiing this season, it looks like, but should be ready for golf. Hopefully we can do somewhere this year.

I followed this blog evolution with great facination. Being an old fart, and a blog neophyte, it is amazing how well the process works, and what a relief to see chapter one end so positively.

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